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Over 10 years experience in web design and development, UX (user experience) design, solutions and information architecture.

About Kain

I’ve had over 10 years experience in Web design and development, user interface design, information architecture and Microsoft SharePoint intranet design and implementation.

I think, learn, read and speak about things like user centered design, usability (what just feels like common sense to me), web accessibility, human–interface psychology, system efficiencies, computing paradigms and the future focuses of our information centred world. I also consume a lot of design in all of its forms.

I know many frameworks, programming languages, design paradigms, methodologies, software programs and all that garb — but It's really about understanding needs, critical thinking and creative problem solving.
That's what I do.

My work is tailored to the business needs, scoped to provide return on investment and it will always look good.

My Work - Recent Clients

I’ve worked on large scale corporate intranets to building large open source business websites. I've created ISO-standard DMS's for major construction industry companies, designed rich sports data interfaces for national sporting bodies, architected paperless court technology solutions to creating TV animations for telco's.
All my business is word of mouth.

Village Roadshow Cinemas


ANZ Bank

Coates hire

Acciona Energy


Athletics Victoria

Conga Foods

NSW Department of Health

Westmead Millennium Institute

Hume City Council

Banyule City Council

Federal Court of Australia

Yarra Valley Water


GPT Group

APM Group

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